Poetry Out Loud

We enjoy reading, writing, and reciting poetry and work to hone our recitation skills for the Poetry Out Loud national recitation competition.

A green microphone has rounded text over its top reading,"Inspiring students" in all caps, next to the orange and red text "Poetry Out Loud", again in all caps.

Meetings & How to Join:

You can email Ms. Savage-Owens at rebecca.savageowens@hsv-k12.org for information. The club is open to anyone who enjoys or who wants to know more about poetry or the Poetry Out Loud competition.

I would like us to meet during the Wednesday in-school meeting time, but am open to other options. We can also meet virtually via TEAMS.

A black and white image of a microphone with POETRY OUT LOUD/National Endowment for the Arts

Teacher Sponsor:

Ms. Rebecca Savage-Owens