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The Greenpower program challenges students from elementary school through college to design, build, and race a single-seat electric car, using the excitement of motorsports to inspire the pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students of all skill levels are encouraged to join!

Greenpower provides an immersive, hands-on experience for students that brings to life many of the STEM concepts taught in the classroom including mechanics, electricity, aerodynamics, and energy conservation. Problem solving and teamwork are integral to the program, and participants acquire valuable business, public relations, and industry readiness skills.


As Greenpower is a primarily hands-on experience, we will regularly meet on Tuesdays after school. Additionally, we will have an initial interest meeting via Zoom to establish the rules and expectations on November 4th at 5:00 PM. Details will be released via GroupMe (see below).

A student and adult work on a greenpower car outside.

Application Forms

Scan the code to the left, or follow this link to access the application form. You will be contacted with further information via the email address you provide on the form.

Teacher Sponsors:

Mr. Mathew Hallmark

Student Leadership:

Shreyas Puducheri

Saad Ata