Environmental Club

Students in red "Campus 265" shorts and wearing masks face towards the camera while outside on the grounds of New Century High School in front of a brick building.A student gives two thumbs up to the camera while working in a flower bed, while another student also works behind them.Two students dig in a mulch flower bed.Two students turn towards the camera while crouching and repainting a curb with red paint.Two students work on asphalt.Two students work on asphalt.


This club's purpose is to create awareness of environmental issues (such as, but not limited to climate change, recycling, and pollution) and other topics. We serve a purpose to educate students, teachers, and others about the the ever increasing necessity to preserve, protect, conserve, and restore the environment. We also seek to change our school's approach and decisions directly and indirectly affect climate.

GroupMe link

Our primary method of communications is GroupMe. The app can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play store for free. Once you have the app, scan the QR code to the right to join the group.


Every Wednesday with time to be announced.

Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Dashawna Hampton

Student Leadership:

Maritza Gonzalez-Mojica

Malik Jefferson