Computer Science Club

Picture from 2019 Club Fair. Five students--four standing behind a table with a "Coding is for Everyone!" sign, holding the stuffed animal club mascots Monty (a snake) and Dr. Java (a rabbit). One student posing low to the ground behind the table.


Computer Science Club competes at local programming competitions and hackathons. We will meet once weekly to work on progamming skills (mostly in Python), do practice problems, and improve our skills! In the event of competitions being cancelled this spring, we will be working on an impressive programming project our members can add to their resumes!

Interested in Joining?

Join the Schoology group: 6J9D-PCH9-T692C

A student, facing away from the camera, types into a computer.

Teacher Sponsors:

Ms. Taylor Morton

Student Leadership:

Shreyas Puducheri

Saad Ata