2021 Clubs


Black circle of text saying "Student government association" and "New Century" with a green leaf circle inside the body of text and pillared building in the middle. The letters SGA in black, bold text in the middle of everything.

Student Government Association

The primary purpose of the SGA is to represent the Student Body and provide a unified voice in student dealings with individuals and agencies.

Dark brown square with a light brown inner circle. Inside that circle "BSU" is written in big large letters. Underneath it there is "Black Student Union" in all capital letters in a darker brown color. Under the "Black Student Union" is "New Century Tech" in a light tan kind of brown. Then underneath the "New Century Tech" our mission statement is which reads "The Black Student Union (BSU) will be an organization that seeks to enhance student success by promoting diversity, cultural celebration, inclusivity, academic success, volunteerism, and community outreach."

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) will be an organization that enhances student success by promoting diversity, cultural celebration, inclusivity, academic success, volunteerism, and community outreach.

An off-white square outlined with green cartoon style leaves in lime green, blue green, and dark green. Red and white leaves are also outlining the image. In the center, text reads "Environmental Club." Above this, text reads "2020 to 2021." Below the center text, text reads "We're getting in tune with our world."

Environmental Club

This club's purpose is to create awareness of environmental issues. We serve to educate students, teachers, and others about the the ever increasing necessity to preserve, protect, conserve, and restore the environment.

Magnet Ambassador Logo for New Century Technology High School and text in white and limegreen reading,"Magnet Ambassadors: New Century Technology High School" against a black background

Magnet Ambassadors

Magnet Ambassadors positively promote New Century to industry partners, prospective students and parents.

On a dark blue background, two yellow, cartoon icon people face each other with speech bubbles over their heads. Under this symbol, white text reads,"Speech & Debate. Arguably the best."

Speech & Debate

Speech and Debate is a competition-based program where members can participate in any of 17 events ranging from impromptu speaking to political debate.

On a bright blue background, the United Nations flag in white is flown on the left over text reading," New Century-Lee Model United Nations. Change our World."

Model UN

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations, where countries gather to solve the world's most pressing problems, like poverty & environmental crisis.

Light blue car with title "NCTHS Greenpower"

Greenpower Team

Greenpower is a hands-on program in which students design, build, and race a single-seat electric car against other teams.

Green background with a light green oval globe behind text reading," Science Olympiad" and "Exploring the World of Science"

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a team competition focused on STEM that competes in many different events, from Ornithology to Codebusters.

White background with dark gray gear behind two stylized 'R's, one of which is flipped over

Robotics Team

Robotics team is a hands-on building club where students from both New Century and Lee High Schools compete in FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) all over the country.

A black and white image of a microphone with POETRY OUT LOUD/National Endowment for the Arts

Poetry Club

We enjoy reading, writing, and reciting poetry and works to hone our recitation skills for the Poetry Out Loud national recitation competition.

Dark blue background, gold book with text below reading "Book Club" and "New Century"

Book Club

Book Club welcomes readers seeking a place of solitude and/or group discussions on the book of their choice. Diverse, yet appropriate, books are welcomed.

Text saying "New Century Technology High School Club de Español 2020-2021" in white and navy text on a teal and orange background. Above the text is a clipart multicolored Day of the Dead skull.

Spanish Club

¡Hola! Open to all levels, Spanish Club is a great place to meet new friends and practice your Spanish in a low-pressure environment.

A white letter 'K' in a circle. The 'K' is outlined in a heavy-set bronzed gold. The 'K' is bisected by a skinny long key that is the same shade of gold that is outlining the 'K', the key has two right facing prongs of the same side at the end near the bottom of the 'K'. There is a second circle/ring right outside the 'K''s circle, it contains the words 'KEY CLUB' at the apex of the circle and 'INTERNATIONAL' at the bottom. The font used is Bubble Letters. Both circles contain the background color 0x2C3863 or 'Admiral' blue. Outside of the second ring is a woven liner in the heavy-set bronzed gold tone. The background for the entire image is dark blue.

Key Club

Key Club is a service organization geared towards providing for the community and enhancing one's own leadership capabilities. The goal of Key Club is to benefit communites through service projects, volunteering, and public outreach.

Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA-PBL is the premier organization for student leaders, helping them grow their potential for top-level leadership, development, and business careers..

Picture from 2019 Club Fair. Five students--four standing behind a table with a "Coding is for Everyone!" sign, holding the stuffed animal club mascots Monty (a snake) and Dr. Java (a rabbit). One student posing low to the ground behind the table.

Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club competes at local programming competitions and hackathons. We will work on programming (mostly in Python), do practice problems, and improve our skills!

The picture has the text "Japanese Culture Club" in Kanji and English over a stylized Japanese flag.

Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture club gives students the opportunity to share a love of Japanese culture on topics such as Japanese history, mythology, media, including anime, manga, music, and video games.

A green chalkboard with mathematical equations written on it in white surround yellow and chalk text reading,"Math Team" and "New Century"

Math Team

Math team is a group of students who study and compete together in mathematics competitions. We work on developing team cooperation, leadership, and problem-solving skills. We learn material not covered in math classes.

words "prom committee" in a black circle with a rose growing out of the circle on a white background

Prom Committee

We will plan and organize the prom (assuming we have one.) If we can't have a traditional prom this year, we will try to plan some kind of alternative so that students can make memories.

water droplet with reflection


The Mindfulness group is ideally designed for traditional students to have a place to mentally reset. We will focus on strategies to improve self-awareness, stress relief, and time management. Mindfulness is best suited for upperclassmen.